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If you build it, they will come! 


State of Sound is a marching indoor percussion ensemble unlike any other! Our world class instructors and designers work to create next-level percussion shows, performers, and exceptional young adults. Being a recognized San Diego State University student organization provides State of Sound members and educators the platform to participate in educational opportunities not available to other independent percussion organizations. The members of State of Sound will be provided the chance to receive community service hours through their mentorship work with k-12 music students in San Diego and beyond, being consistent figures in the areas of academics, life, and music. State of Sound will be a huge part of the campus life at San Diego State University in amazing San Diego, California; the ensemble will perform in front of the amazing Viejas Arena before each home basketball game and many other student events throughout the winter and spring season. Beginning in 2019, the ensemble will travel bi-annually to European WGI (Winter Guard International) Championships to represent San Diego State University!

University Ambassadors of Performing Arts:

As Performing Arts Ambassadors of San Diego State University our primary focus will be to create an unparalleled depiction of arts, culture, pride, and musical excellence to all those bearing witness. Each year, State of Sound will be featured in front of100’s of thousands of spectators at competitions, workshops, and through company and community marketing campaigns. This honor allows State of Sound to further the growth of the San Diego State University Performing Arts program while targeting communities where music education and its values have room to grow. Through performances, clinics, workshops, tutoring and training for k-12 students of music, State of Sound will inspire and educate participants in California, United States, and beyond! Our world-class students and educators will bring tremendous respect and worthy praise to the Performing Arts hosted at the illustrious San Diego State University.

San Diego, California Wins

The second largest city in the most populated state in America will become even greater with an enhanced music education community. As football is to Texas and skiing is to Colorado, California is known for its tremendous weather and arts community heard, seen, and modeled around the world. Through clearly identified programs to be products of this extension, San Diego will be able to offer that much more than its surrounding cities. State of Sound looks forward to being the catalyst able to  provide an even more attractive option for families and individuals wanting to join a community that truly values its arts and education.

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